Party and state leaders describe nuclear industry blueprint

Updated: 2016-01-01 (cnnc.com.cn)

There have been remarkable achievements over the past 60 years by nuclear industry workers through hard work and pioneering efforts, promoting the nation's nuclear industry and growing out of nothing and from small to large and making an outstanding contribution to national security and economic development. As a strategic industry, nuclear power's key competitiveness in line with the principle of safe and innovative development and peaceful use can write a new chapter in China's nuclear industrial development.

                                               Xi Jinping


We need to continue our tradition while focusing on frontier technology to promote the "go out" policy for nuclear power equipment, ensure nuclear safety, and strive to build China into a powerful country in the nuclear power industry.

                                       Premier Li Keqiang


Our technology must go out into the world.

                                    ----President Xi Jinping, at a HPR1000 reactor booth at the Sino-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo, in December 2015.


The power of the HPR1000 unit reaching 1-million KW marks China becoming No 1 worldwide in nuclear power construction.

                                      ----President Xi Jinping on the HPR1000, with Egyptian Premier Sherif Ismail at a Chinese High-Tech Expo booth in Cairo, Egypt, on Jan 20, 2016.


With CNNC backing up China, I promise to work to make its name appear worldwide.

                                         ----Li Keqiang, during a visit to HPR1000 in June 2015.