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China Institute of Atomic Energy

Updated: 2016-02-02 (cnnc.com.cn)

The cradle and innovation base of Chinese nuclear science and technology

Founded in 1950, the China Institute of Atomic Energy is the birthplace of Chinese nuclear science and technology and the innovation base for nuclear research on national defense and basic nuclear energy R&D. There are seven research divisions and six research centers or key laboratories at national and ministry levels under it.

The China Institute of Atomic Energy is a leading comprehensive nuclear research base and a significant resource for scientific thought, technical reserves and talent training. In more than 60 years, the institute has made great contributions to nuclear technology innovation, nuclear industry development and nuclear talent training, and has developed a lot of high-tech products utilizing isotope radiation technology.

Four development directions

The China Institute of Atomic Energy seeks to develop in four research areas: national defense technology, advanced nuclear energy, nuclear foundational and common technology, and nuclear technology application and industrialization

Four technical innovation platforms

The institute is building innovation platforms for experimental fast reactors, advanced research reactors, radiochemical experiment facilities for nuclear fuel reprocessing, and upgrading of tandem accelerators.

The advanced research reactors.

The experimental fast reactors.

The experimental fast reactors.

Basic research in nuclear physics

Research on nuclear astrophysics: significant outcomes have been obtained and published in The Astrophysical Journal of the American Astronomical Society.

Theoretical study on nuclear physics: a number of outcomes have been published in the journals Physical Review C and Physical Communication B.

Subcritical device

Independently developed

High security

Low costs

It has been exported to Jordan as the first nuclear facility in the country

Anti-cosmic low-background γ-ray spectrometry

The first anti-cosmic ray low-background γ-ray spectrometer in China

Advanced level among similar devices in the world

Electrochemical solution-solvent extraction and purification processes

Breakthrough has been made in key solution and separation techniques, and six invention patents have been obtained.

Purification processes that have independent intellectual properties and are internationally advanced have been established.

Second prize in the National Awards for Progress in Science and Technology received in 2013.

The largest research and development base for controlled nuclear fusion energy in China