CNNC completes Ghana LEU-MNSR project

Updated: 2017-08-15


CNNC completed its nuclear project –– low enriched uranium (LEU) in miniature neutron source reactor (MNSR) with full capacity –– in Accra, Ghana on Aug 10. The Ghana project undertaken by CNNC has proven the practicality and credibility of China’s LEU technology and demonstrated a model for other countries in MNSR remolding.

In 1995, CNNC’s subsidiary, the China Institute of Atomic Energy, designed and built the Ghana MNSR highly-enriched uranium in miniature neutron source reactor (HEU-MNSR). The Chinese government and international community have attached much importance to the LEU remolding of Ghana MNSR.

In 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised that the Chinese government would assist Ghana in the reconstruction of the LEU-MNSR project at the 3rd Nuclear Security Summit.

“Based upon the ‘Ghana Mode’, we are willing to assist involved countries to reconstruct the HEU-MNSR imported from China under the principles of volunteering and pragmatism. In addition, we will summarize multi-party cooperative models in HEU-MNSR reconstruction, and provide referential experience for countries concerned,” said President Xi during the 4th Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington in April 2016.

Experts from Ghana paid tribute to the professionalism of the CNNC team, and expressed their admiration for China’s nuclear technologies.

Through the LEU-MNSR project, CNNC has received worldwide recognition for keeping its promises, and shouldering responsibilities while demonstrating its technological strengths.