CNNC sees huge potential in China-US nuclear collaboration

Updated: 2017-11-13


Chinese President Xi Jinping and visiting US President Donald Trump attended the closing ceremony of the US-China Business Exchange held in Beijing on Nov 9.

Qian Zhimin, president of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) was invited to participate in the event.

He briefly reviewed the cooperation that has taken place in the nuclear energy sector between China and the US after the two sides signed a cooperative agreement in 1985, stressing that CNNC sees huge potential for China-US nuclear collaboration.

“Deeper cooperation in nuclear energy between the two nations will greatly influence global nuclear security and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” added Qian, speaking at the closing ceremony.

The US-China Business Exchange was a major event during President Donald Trump's visit to Beijing. Government officials and representatives from 28 US companies and 20 Chinese companies were invited to discuss opportunities and challenges in areas like energy and technology between China and the US.