Fuqing Unit 6 completes dome hoisting

Updated: 2018-03-21


CNNC’s Fuqing Unit 6, HPR1000 demonstration project, completed dome hoisting 10 days in advance on March 21.

It’s the world’s third and China’s second HPR1000 nuclear power unit entering the installation period, after the world’s first HPR1000-Fuqing Unit 5 and the first overseas HPR1000 reactor-Project K-2 at Karachi Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan finished dome lifting.

It further promotes the brand of China’s HPR 1000 third-generation technology and gives more confidence to countries along the Belt and Road. 

The dome hoisting of Fuqing Unit 6 demonstrates China’s self-developed third-generation nuclear power technology has been proceeding in an orderly manner. It also showcases China’s nuclear power in scientific research, engineering design, and project construction. It marks China’s nuclear power technology taking the lead across the world.