CNNC attends 15th Nuclear Industry China

Updated: 2018-03-28


Themed around “Innovation and Cooperation: nuclear energy powers up a better life”, the 15th Nuclear Industry China (the 15th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition) commenced at the National Convention Center in Beijing on March 28.

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) took part in the exhibition and demonstrated its strength and competitiveness in the whole industrial chain.

Wang Shoujun, chairman of CNNC, attended and addressed the opening ceremony of the exhibition. “In the period of major strategic opportunities for the nuclear industry, CNNC will continue to accelerate the development pace of the industrial innovation and cooperation of nuclear science and technology, commit to the global cooperation and sharing of the entire industrial chain in the nuclear sector, strive to form complementary, coordinated and benefit-sharing structure, and discover new impetus, new models, and new products for the world’s nuclear energy economic growth,” claimed Wang.

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