CNNC attends 62nd IAEA General Conference in Vienna

Updated: 2018-09-19


Yu Jianfeng, chairman of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), led a delegation to attend the 62nd Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference in Vienna, Austria on Sept 17.

Yu gave a speech on nuclear energy development and climatic environment and proposed a “China Program” for better public welfare in the future.

“Nuclear energy is a clean source with the characteristics of efficiency and stability and is available for scale production. It has played a vital role in tackling climate changes,” Yu said at the science forum. 

He introduced CNNC’s efforts to improve nuclear power safety, optimize nuclear power economy, explore diverse applications of nuclear energy, and actively participate in the projects organized by IAEA.

Yu emphasized that CNNC is willing to share technology and experience, provide resources and platforms for countries that desire to develop nuclear energy, working together to respond to climate changes and seek benefits for the global public.


CNNC delegation introduced the Yanlong low-temperature heating reactors and exchanged ideas with foreign experts during the technical discussion section. 

An exhibition, commissioned by China Atomic Energy Authority and hosted by CNNC, was held during the IAEA General Conference to promote the achievements of China's nuclear industry and further drive the cooperation between China and the world’s nuclear companies. 

The exhibition showcased the complete industrial system of China's nuclear industry and advanced technologies such as HPR1000, CAP1400, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors and Yanlong low-temperature heating reactors.

It demonstrated the core competitiveness of “one-stop nuclear energy systematic supplier” of CNNC, drawing great concern from international nuclear peers. 

In addition, CNNC held 14 bilateral trade and cooperation meetings with the UK, Argentina, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.