CNNC launches equipment management system

Updated: 2018-11-26


China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd (CNNP), a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), recently launched its self-developed equipment reliability management system on Nov 23. 

The ERDB system, which took CNNP six years to complete, is a full set of intelligent and standardized methods with 15 application functions, aimed at facilitating equipment reliability management. 

It uses intelligent data analysis to realize efficient and all-round management of equipment in CNNP and its subsidiaries, breaking technology barriers. 

By now, 21 units affiliated with CNNP have applied the ERDB system, with more than 1.67 million pieces of equipment being involved. It has generated over 550,000 operation data points and 155,000 pieces of data traffic, passed over 90,000 data measuring points, and evaluated 1,097 systems.