Liu Jiazhi, a designer of China's first Hualong One nuclear project

Updated: 2019-05-20


“Quality and safety are at the heart of design in any engineering project, so the designer should take responsibility for these aspects”, said Liu Jiazhi, a designer for China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Liu is currently part of the team working on China’s first nuclear power plant to use the HPR1000 (Hualong 1) technology in Fuqing, Fujian province.

As the first project to use the domestically developed third-generation reactor, the construction of Unit 5 of CNNC's Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant has generated attention worldwide.

In May 2016, Liu took over design work at the site and took charge of completing all onsite change orders without any input from company headquarters in Beijing, or the firm’s office in Zhengzhou.

In June 2018, Liu was appointed the leader of the technical support group for the Nuclear Circuit Cleaning of the project. He worked day and night to overcome tough technical challenges in order to keep the project on track.

Thanks to workers like Liu, cold functional tests were successfully completed at the site on April 28 –– 50 days ahead of schedule.

With its advanced technology and rapid construction progress, it’s easy to see why the Fuqing plant is getting so much attention!