Installation of major equipment of first Huanglong One overseas reactor completed

Updated: 2019-12-23

Installation of all the major equipment of the K-2 unit project in Karachi, Pakistan, the first overseas unit using Hualong One (HPR 1000) nuclear technology, have been completed, after the successful installation of the rotor into the stator on Oct 8.

The successful completion of the installation is expected to provide a strong guarantee for the realization of cold functional tests in 2019.

Massino Aparo, deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), approved the installation and safe production of the project on Oct 11, when he conducted an on-site inspection on the safety, security, and management of its nuclear fuels.

The construction progress on the Hualong One is better than other projects of the same kind from other countries, with good safety work, said the official, who also sent his congratulations to the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) on behalf of the IAEA.

As a major symbolic achievement of China's nuclear power innovation and development, Hualong One is a third-generation nuclear power brand with China's exclusive intellectual property rights.

At present, progress on four demonstration projects of CNNC's Hualong One is smoothly underway across the world, meaning that the Hualong One is the world's only third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear plant proceeding on schedule.

The K-2/K-3 nuclear power project in Karachi is a demonstration overseas project of Hualong One, a key project for the cooperation between CNNC and Pakistan, as well as an important project of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Hualong One is comprised of several components, such as stators, rotors, and bearings. The installation of the rotor into the stator is of great importance due to the narrow space, as the minimum space between the rotor and the stator is 17.6 millimeters, requiring high precision and a long time for its successful installation.

The K-2 unit is designed and provided by Shanghai Electric Group, weighing 186 metric tons. It is 14.9 meters long and has a diameter of 1.77 meters.


An aerial view of the K-2 power unit in Karachi, Pakistan [Photo/CNNC]