Nine CNNC units triumph in world nuclear operator index

Updated: 2020-03-20


The Qinshan nuclear power plant. [Photo/CNNC]

Nine nuclear power units of China National Nuclear Corporation -- also known as CNNC – got global recognition when they got full marks of 100 points in the evaluation of the WANO comprehensive index in the fourth quarter of 2019, tying for the world first place, according to a recent announcement by the World Association of Nuclear Operators.

The nine units are units 1 and 4 at the Qinshan No 2 nuclear power plant, unit 1 at the Qinshan No 3 nuclear power plant, units 1 and 2 at the Fangjiashan nuclear power plant, units 1 and 2 at the Tianwan nuclear power plant, unit 1 at the Fuqing nuclear power plant and unit 1 at the Sanmen nuclear power plant.

Officials said that 20 units of CNNC which were evaluated got an average of 96.47 points on the WANO index.

Experts said that WANO performance indicator shows the performance status of nuclear power plants in nuclear safety, power generation management, power plant equipment reliability, effectiveness and industrial safety. It encourages nuclear power plants to pursue outstanding performance and exchange experiences in nuclear power operations.

A company spokesman said CNNC had always put safety in production as the top priority and it is continuing to improve equipment reliability and the capabilities of its operators.

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