Zhangzhou nuclear power unit completes landmark stage

Updated: 2020-03-24


A landmark event takes place at the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant. The first steel lining module for the unit 1 of the facility was lifted on March 24. [Photo/CNNC]

The first steel lining module for the unit 1 of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant -- located in Zhangzhou, in East China's Fujian province -- was successfully lifted into place on March 24, according to China National Nuclear Corporation, or CNNC, which is building the project.

CNNC experts said that the steel lining is the main component for containment in the reactor powerhouse of the nuclear power plant. It plays the role of leakage-proof and as prestressed concrete formwork.

They said that the successful lifting had laid a solid foundation for the construction of the main structure of the interior of the reactor building and will speed up the construction of the reactor.

The unit is the fifth nuclear power unit in the world adopting the Hualong One technology, or HPR 1000, a domestically developed third-generation reactor design.

A total of five nuclear power units adopting HPR 1000 technology are currently under construction at home and abroad by CNNC. The safety and quality of projects are in a well-controlled state, according to company officials.


The first steel lining module for unit 1 of the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant is lifted in place. [Photo/CNNC]