High-temperature, gas-cooled reactor achieves milestone

Updated: 2020-04-29


The high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project at Shidaowan nuclear power plant. [Photo/CNNC]

A major milestone was achieved at the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor, also known as the HTGR project -- located at the Shidaowan nuclear power plant in Weihai city, in East China's Shandong province -- according to local officials.

They said the reactor is a key national science and technology project.

Officials said the steam generator shell, hot gas duct shell and reactor pressure vessel shell of the No 1 reactor in the demonstration project were successfully paired on April 28.

Experts explained that the precise pairing marked that the point where project will welcome the installation of the main helium fan -- and has laid a solid foundation for cold performance tests that are scheduled to be completed this year.


Workers get busy with the steam generator shell, hot gas duct shell and reactor pressure vessel shell pairing of the No 1 reactor of the HTGR. [Photo/CNNC]

The HTGR is a China-developed fourth generation of advanced nuclear energy technology, with a wide range of advantages that include inherent safety, a high localization rate of equipment, modular design, adaptability to small and medium power grids and the capability for extensive use.

According to experts, they have the utmost confidence that a reactor core meltdown accident will not happen in any accident situation.

This will fully meet the higher requirements for nuclear safety these days and realize the efficient and multi-purpose utilization of nuclear energy, they added.