Announcement Regarding the Public Recruitment for the Position of the Chief Executive Officer of Tongfang Co., LTD. (Open to Domestic and Overseas Applicants)

Updated: 2020-04-30


In view of the recent acquisition of Tongfang Co., Ltd. (Tongfang) by the China National Nuclear Corporation, and with an aim to improve the overall business structure and the internal operation and management efficiency, to enhance the comprehensive strength of Tongfang, to further explore and take advantage of the strategic synergy that has resulted from the acquisition, to promote the personnel selection and employment mechanism in line with operation and development requirement of  modern State-owned enterprise, to build a professional and international management team proactively partaking in the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, and to maintain the company's sustained high-quality and healthy development, it has been decided that an public recruitment will be conducted for the position of  the chief executive officer. Please find below announcement pertinent to the hiring of the position:

1. Position

The Chief Executive Officer

2. Scope of Selection and Qualifications

a. Scope of selection: open to both domestic and international talents.

b. Qualifications:

1) Have an international vision, a high level perspective of the big picture and approach innovation with strong leadership, execution and coordination skills; have strong will power and determination to institute change and conduct reform; possess acumen to capture business external opportunities and control risks with the relevant management experience in listed companies.

2) Be conversant with national macroeconomic policies and industry policies with a deep understanding of the current business environment and development trend of the relevant industries; have important influence in the field of nuclear technology applications, digital economy, energy conservation and environmental protection, or finance.

3) Have strong ability to carry out the duties called for by the position; possess business acumen and sensitivity to take advantage of emerging market opportunities for enterprise development; can bring all departments of Tongfang closer together to achieve the common strategic goal, and be competent in communication and coordination among Tongfang, China National Nuclear Corporation and Tsinghua University.

4) Have correct performance assessment values and professional ethics with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness; be scrupulous in separating public from private interests with a strong sense of principle.

5) Under the same conditions, applicants with important influence in the above-mentioned fields are preferred.

c. Compensation Package

After being officially hired, the compensation package will be implemented in accordance with the relevant remuneration policies of Tongfang Co., Ltd.



3. Selection Procedures

Open Recruitment - Qualification Examination - Online Testing - Interview - Inspection and Background Investigation - Result Publicity

4. Application Procedures and Relevant Clarifications

a. Application Procedures

1) Application opens from April 30th 2020 to May 17th 2020 at 17pm.

2) Online submission

3) Submission website: http://thtf.ciicjob.com

Applicants need to log into the submission page, click on “Apply” and use the personal email address to register.

4) Uploading documents:upload the scanned copies (or pictures) of their personal ID card and other related materials, including: ID card (both sides) or passport, proof of academic degree (academic degree certificate, or the certificate provided by CSCSE for overseas degrees), related qualification certificates (professional ranks and titles, professional achievement, important awards and etc.).

5) Consultation number: 010-85359585 (workdays: 9:30-17:30) Contact person: Ms. Lu from CIIC.

b. Relevant Clarifications

1) This recruitment is planned to be conducted through video interviews. According to the epidemic situation, if the on-site interview is allowed, the applicant will be notified one week in advance for the face-to-face interview. The travel expenses shall be borne by the applicant personally.

2) Applicant needs to be responsible for the authenticity and integrity of the materials submitted. If any inconsistency with the facts is found, the committee has the right to disqualify the applicant.

3) Applicants will be notified of the results of qualification examination and time and location of the interview through email, mobile phone and text messages (For video interviews, the interview platform will be designated by the recruiting working group of Tongfang Co., Ltd.; for on-site interviews, the interview location will be notified in advance), please ensure all the contact information provided is correct and check them on time.

4) The committee promises to strictly keep the applicant's submission materials confidential and not to use it for other purposes.

Tongfang Co., Ltd.