Latest nuclear power control rod driving mechanism developed

(sasac.gov.cn) | Updated: 2020-05-15
2020-05-15 (sasac.gov.cn)

The ML-C control rod driving mechanism of China's third generation nuclear power reactor was recently developed. It has completed the 12 million-step thermal life and shock tests.

A main facility of a nuclear island, the control rod driving mechanism is responsible for such work as starting, power adjustment and maintenance, and normal and emergency shut-down. Its performance directly impacts security operations of the reactor island.

Jointly developed by the Nuclear Power Institute of China and Sichuan Huadu Nuclear Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the latest product has the longest life span and the best reliability of third generation nuclear power plants in the world.

The new type of control rod driving mechanism uses a 440-class electromagnetic coil which can resist high temperatures. 

Long-lifespan and wear-resistant finger components, a high temperature-resistant integrated rod position detector and a comprehensive nickel base seal cage are also adopted in the device.

The mechanism is a new technological model in the field and will promote Hualong One's global competitiveness when installed in the facility.

The Hualong One is China's third generation nuclear power technology with completely independent intellectual property rights.


The ML-C control rod driving mechanism with the world's longest lifespan and the best reliability of its kind is now developed and will be used in the Hualong One nuclear power plant. [Photo/sasac.gov.cn]