CNNC's voice during national two sessions: Expert Li Ziying calls on increase in vital uranium resources

(CNNC) | Updated: 2020-05-25
2020-05-25 (CNNC)

Uranium resources are as important to the nuclear industry as food is to human and it is unimaginable for there to be no stable guarantee of supply for the development of the nuclear industry, according to Li Ziying, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) who is also president of the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology.

As a senior expert in the field of geology and mineral exploration in China, Li and his team have long been engaged in uranium prospecting.

Li said that in promoting the development of the nuclear industry, uranium resources were its central premise and foundation. He added that ensuring the safety of uranium resources was related to the country's national security.

The CPPCC National Committee member said he would submit a proposal on ensuring the safety of uranium resources during this year's two sessions, which are currently underway in Beijing.

He hoped that the country would attach great importance to the proposal, increasing the exploration of uranium resources and increasing domestic natural uranium resource reserves -- to ensure long-term security of uranium resources.