Landmark achieved at Zhangzhou nuclear power unit

(CNNC) | Updated: 2020-06-03
2020-06-03 (CNNC)

A second steel lining module for the nuclear island reactor of unit 1 of the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant -- located in Zhangzhou city in East China's Fujian province -- was successfully lifted into place on May 29.

The landmark event took place after the successful lifting of the first module on March 24, according to China National Nuclear Corporation, or CNNC.

CNNC experts said that the module weighs 114.5 metric tons, has an outer diameter of 46.8 meters and a height of 9.96 m.

They said the successful lifting laid a solid foundation for the construction of the interior of the reactor building and the reactor containment infrastructure.


A steel lining module for the nuclear island reactor building of unit 1 of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant is lifted into place on May 29. [Photo/CNNC]