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  • Nuclear heating touted as cleaner


    ​As China aims to reduce coal consumption to curb pollution, those in the nuclear industry have called for construction of low-temperature mini reactors to provide cleaner heating for residential use in North China.

  • Xi meets with leaders of Argentina and Cambodia


    President Xi Jinping met Argentine President Mauricio Macri and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in Beijing on Wednesday.

  • China taking the world lead on renewable energy


    China, as a developing country, has to undertake peaceful development and ensure a safe and prosperous future for Chinese citizens together with taking the strategic opportunity to develop alternative clean technologies.

  • China eyes trillion-yuan nuclear power market along Belt and Road


    Chinese companies are craving access to the colossal untapped potential of the nuclear power industry in Belt and Road countries.

  • Finding power in nuclear medicine


    Doctor Tian Mei embarked on her academic journey in nuclear medicine and became an admirer of Polish-born French female physicist Marie Curie, a Nobel laureate.

  • Nuclear monitoring stations to triple


    China will more than triple the number of stations monitoring atmospheric radiation levels nationwide by 2020 as part of a nuclear energy security plan.

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