• Hualong one pressurizers finish production


    The pressurizers of Fuqing Unit 6, a Hualong one (HPR1000) demonstration project, passed inspection on Aug 14, signifying that research and production of all pressurizers for the four Hualong one units, both in China and abroad, have been completed.

  • CNNC launches LMC youth training program


    The 2019 Lancang - Mekong National Nuclear Energy Youth Training Program was launched at China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation in Beijing, on Aug 12.

  • New wind farm cuts cost of renewables in Gansu


    Gansu Yumen Heiyazi 50MW Grid Parity Wind Power Demonstration Project, constructed by CNNC Rich Energy Corp Ltd, became China’s first grid parity wind power project to be connected to the grid on July 31.

  • New CNNC wind power project set to tackle poverty


    Guidong Niulang Mountain 48MW Wind Power Project, the first poverty alleviation project operated by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), was connected to the grid in Guidong county, Hunan province, on July 29.

  • Qinshan NPP: China’s first indigenous nuclear power plant


    Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), located in Zhejiang province, was China’s first NPP and was entirely designed and built using Chinese technology. Operated by Qinshan Nuclear Power Company, a CNNC subsidiary, it has boosted the economy of the town and serves as an example of China’s progress in developing its nuclear power industry.

  • CNNC’s two new nuclear units approved in Fujian


    CNNC’s new nuclear power project in Zhangzhou city, Southeast China’s Fujian province, was authorized by the National Energy Administration, according to an announcement by China National Nuclear Power Co, a subsidiary of CNNC, on July 26.

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