• CNNC attends 15th Nuclear Industry China


    Themed around “Innovation and Cooperation: nuclear energy powers up a better life”, the 15th Nuclear Industry China (the 15th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition) commenced at the National Convention Center in Beijing on March 28.

  • 6 CNNC nuclear units tie for first place on WANO index


    The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) announced that the 2017 WANO composite index of CNNC’s Tianwan Unit 2 was 100 points, tying for first place with two nuclear units from Russia in the world’s VVER sector.

  • Fuqing Unit 6 completes dome hoisting


    ​CNNC’s Fuqing Unit 6, HPR1000 demonstration project, completed dome hoisting 10 days in advance on March 21.

  • CNNC updates uranium enrichment centrifuge for commercial use


    CNNC Shaanxi Uranium Enrichment Co Ltd built China’s new-generation uranium enrichment centrifuge for large-scale commercial application on March 20.

  • Fuqing Unit 5 reactor vessel internals pass checks


    ​The reactor vessel internals of Fuqing Unit 5, the first HPR1000 demonstration project owned by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), completed inspection and acceptance checks on March 15.

  • Tianwan Unit 3 ready for commercial operation


    ​Unit 3 of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, run by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), completed the testing of 100 hours full-power continuous operation on Feb 15.

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