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China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd

Updated: 2016-02-05 (cnnc.com.cn)

China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd (CNNP, Stock code: 601985) was jointly invested by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China Three Gorges Corporation, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) and China Aerospace Investment Holdings,Ltd. with CNNC asits holding shareholder.

The business scope of CNNP covers the development, investment, construction, operations and management of nuclear power projects, technical research in the safe operation of nuclear power plants, and the related technical and consultancy services.

Up to the end of 2015, CNNP has owned a majority shares in 15 of its 16 member companies as well as one associate company, two joint stock company, covering 14 operating nuclear power units with the installed capacity reaching 11512MWe and 11 nuclear power units under construction with the installed capacity reaching 12098 MWe. The total assets about RMB 250 billion with nearly 10,000 employees.


Currently CNNP owns a majority shares of the following units;

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant— known as the “Honor of the Nation”, the first nuclear power plant designed, constructed,operated and managed by the Chinese;

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant #2 — the first large commercial nuclear power plant in China designed, constructed, operated and managed by the Chinese;

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant #3 — the first pressurized heavy water nuclear power plant in China to bring its project management in line with international practices;

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant— the most advanced operating nuclear power plant in China;

The first GEN III Nuclear Power Plant AP1000 in the world— Sanmen Nuclear Power Project in Zhejiang Province;

The first demonstration project of the self-reliant GEN III nuclear power plant “HPR1000”—Fuqing Nuclear Power Project in Fujian Province

No.1 Project in the energy sector of Hainan Province—Changjiang Nuclear Power Project

 Strictly following the State Policy “Develop Nuclear Power in a Safe Way”, and in the spirit of being highly responsible for the country and the nuclear industry, CNNP is always adhering to the principle of “safety first and quality foremost” and taking safe production as the lifeline of corporate development, owing to which nearly 110 reactor-years of safe operation has been maintained without any accidents.

With the support of the entire community which makes up the nuclear industry; and with the aim of establishing a positive image that nuclear power is safe, clean, efficient, eco-friendly and responsible; all of us at CNNP will commit ourselves to creating genuine values for our company, profits for the shareholders, happiness for our staff and good fortune for our society while carrying on the good traditions of the nuclear industry: “Career Prevails over Everything, Responsibility Outweighs Everything, Care Permeates Everything, Self-Motivation Achieves Everything”; while endeavoring to practice the concepts of Openness, Inclusion, Cooperation and a Win-Win Philosophy” by adhering to the core value of “Surpass Ourselves Constantly in Pursuit of Excellence”.