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Nuclear applications

CNNC's nuclear technology application extends to isotopes and related products, nuclear medicine, nuclear instruments and apparatus, radioactive sources and industrial applications, as well as irradiation processing.


Nuclear medicine: CNNC is capable of providing one-stop nuclear medicine solutions to other countries.

Radioactive medicine: CNNC accounts for a market share of  70 percent .

Radioactive source: CNNC is the only Chinese company that produces radioactive sources for medical purposes.

Radiation processing: CNNC is a competent EPC contractor for the design, manufacturing and installation of irradiation facilities, holding two of the three licenses issued in China. Among the 130 operational irradiation facilities in China, over 100 were designed by CNNC.

(1) CNNC is the largest in China and ranking as the third largest cobalt supplier in the world , with an average annual production of 7 million curies. It takes 70 percent of domestic cobalt market, and exported worldwide;

(2) The first batch of cobalt-60 regulating rods for medical use will be produced in 2019, serving as the core of Chinese-made gamma knife equipment;

(3) The capability of CNNC related to accelerator technology is of a wide spectrum. China's first 10MeV/20kW high-power electron beam accelerator and highest- energy-level 100MeV intense-beam proton accelerator have been developed. The 230 MeV superconducting cyclotron for proton therapy has been installed and tested in CIAE. Its systems are now being commissioned.


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(4) CNNC's first proton therapy demonstration project has commenced in Tianjin.


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(5) CNNC is capable of researching, producing, and supplying radioactive medicine for diagnosing and treating cancer and neural system diseases. It has captured 70 percent of market share in this field.


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(6) CNNC is capable of manufacturing pharmaceuticals 13C and 14C for urea breath test in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection. It has met 50% of 13C demand and 90% of 14C demand in domestic market, and have exported the pharmaceuticals to 50 countries and regions.


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