Sanmen Nuclear Power acts to help overseas virus fight

Updated: 2020-04-09


Face masks are to be sent from Sanmen Nuclear Power Company to its overseas partners. [Photo/CNNC]

Sanmen Nuclear Power Company, a unit of China National Nuclear Corporation -- also known as CNNC -- has made great efforts to provide support for its overseas partners in fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic, according to CNNC officials.

At the end of January, when the epidemic was serious in China, Mitsubishi Group in Japan donated 4,000 disposable face masks to Sanmen Nuclear Power Company and Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the US donated 400 N95 masks to the company in February.

In March, China achieved effective control of the epidemic, while it outbroke in overseas countries.

Considering the shortage of masks of its overseas partners, Sanmen Nuclear Power Company donated 10,000 disposable masks to Mitsubishi Group and 1,000 masks to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, according to company officials.