CNNC donates medical materials to Chinese students in Russia

Updated: 2020-04-28

cnnc 1.png

Medical materials donated by CNNC stand ready to be sent to Chinese students in Russia. [Photo/CNNC]

China National Nuclear Corporation, also known as CNNC, recently donated 40,000 disposable medical masks, 300 KN95 masks and 50 medical protective clothing to Chinese students now studying in Russia, according to CNNC officials.

The donation was in response to requests by the Chinese students association in Russia and the materials donated were arranged by CNNC unit Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co Ltd.

On April 19 local time, the materials arrived at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport and were then sent on to the Chinese students.

The Tianwan nuclear power plant in Lianyungang, in East China's Jiangsu province, is hailed as a model project in nuclear energy cooperation between China and Russia.

Following close cooperation over more than two decades, technical experts and personnel from China and Russia at the plant have established profound friendship.

Especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, CNNC and Jiangsu Nuclear Power have paid close attention to the progress of Russia's epidemic prevention and control, sharing anti-epidemic experience with their Russian partners.

cnnc 2.png

Workers load medical materials to be sent to Russia. [Photo/CNNC]