Nuclear medicine — "Rays of Hope" in Africa

Updated: 2023-05-06

The first China-Nigeria "Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment" training event, sponsored by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), was held online from April 25 to 26 local time, under the guidance of the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) and the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria.

The training was a response to the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) "Rays of Hope" initiative. Doctors and experts in cancer treatment from the General Hospital of Nuclear Industry, as well as other renowned hospitals in China, offered 13 medical courses including medicine, radiotherapy and the application of advanced medical technology.


Nigeria, with its large population, has long been challenged with shortages of physicians and medical equipment, and its technology and medical needs unmet. The training will help improve this situation and facilitate China-Nigeria cooperation in peaceful uses of nuclear technology. In the future, the CNNC will deepen cooperation with the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC), provide tiered training on a larger scale and with longer terms to support talent cultivation, capacity improvement and discipline construction in Nigeria. It will also carry out medical training in more African countries and strengthen multilateral collaboration.