CNNC develops proton cyclotron for cancer therapy

Updated: 2018-01-31


China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) passed the source-ground acceptance of high-frequency cavity system, the core component of the 230MeV superconducting proton cyclotron for cancer therapy on Jan 26.

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced cancer treatments widely applied across the world and has been proven to be a scientific and efficient method.

At this point, CNNC has successfully completed the research and development of the major equipment of the cyclotron, marking CNNC’s full mastery of the cyclotron design and manufacturing technology.

Next, CNNC will enter the assembly and testing phase, building a solid ground for the clinical applications to benefit cancer patients in the future.

Compared with the co-energy cyclotron in room temperatures, superconducting cyclotron is innovative in technology and competitive in market with low costs in research and operating. It represents the most-advanced particle therapy of cancer in the world.