Share the story behind the brand: CNNC is waiting for you in Shanghai

Updated: 2018-04-23

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) will share its story of innovation in the nuclear industry during the first Exposition on China Indigenous Brands as well as the International Forum on the Development of Chinese Brands to be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from May 10 to 12. 

CNNC, approved by the State Council and directly managed by the central government, is a state-owned key enterprise in China. A main player in the national nuclear technology industry, CNNC has a complete nuclear industrial system. It also plays a leading role in national strategic nuclear forces and nuclear power development, undertaking missions to ensure national security and facilitate domestic economic and social development.

CNNC is mainly engaged in research, development, production and operation in the areas of nuclear military programs, nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycles, nuclear technology applications and nuclear environmental protection, as well as foreign economic cooperation and import-export businesses. It is the main investor of national nuclear power both in current operation and under construction, and is a major developer of nuclear technology and the most important contractor of nuclear power design and engineering, as well as a provider of nuclear operation technology and an exporter of nuclear power plants. It leads in national nuclear engineering through several listed companies, including China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd and China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Group Co Ltd.