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CNNC and Saudi Arabia seek inclusive collaborations

Updated: 2018-04-25

Yu Jianfeng, president of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), and Husain M. Alotaibi, president of the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS), held talks to review the progress of existing cooperative projects and negotiate the establishment of a deeper all-round partnership in Saudi Arabia on April 19.

Yu outlined the development of the entire industry chain of CNNC to Alotaibi, and praised the progress made on Saudi uranium and thorium resources projects in a such short period. He conveyed great hope that China National Uranium Co Ltd, a subsidiary of CNNC, will continue to expand research and development on an earth science database, wind power and solar energy.

Both parties agreed to establish a communication and working mechanism, take advantage of local resources, depend on the uranium and thorium appraisal projects, seize opportunities to connect with neighboring countries and develop diversified industries, give full play to CNNC’s whole-industry-chain advantages, and optimize human resources and technical strength for an inclusive collaboration in the future.


Yu Jianfeng (second from left), president of China National Nuclear Corporation, talks with an official from the Saudi Geological Survey in Saudi Arabia on April 19. [Photo/CNNC]


Officials from CNNC and SGS sign agreements in Saudi Arabia on April 19. [Photo/CNNC]