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A provider of comprehensive service solutions

Updated: 2016-02-01 (cnnc.com.cn)

The China CNNC Baoyuan Property Holding Corporation provides comprehensive modern production service solutions within CNNC. It specializes in delivery of assured high-quality management and services associated with the secondary operations of its nuclear industry customers, allowing the customers to concentrate on their core businesses to improve their competiveness in the nuclear industry market.


Business scope

Nuclear power technology support services; camping investment and construction for nuclear power contractors; nuclear medical first-aid; occupational health services; corporation catering services; fire protection for nuclear facilities (maintenance and protection); trading of nuclear industry materials; shareholding transactions; and real estate transactions.

Building up a comprehensive nuclear-related industry service platform

Nuclear power technology support services

In providing nuclear power services for 21 years, Kaili Co, under the China Nuclear Holding Corporation, has established standardized, specialized and vocational processes in conjunction with nuclear power owners, which constitute technical work specifications covering:

  • General technical services (nuclear cleaning)

  • Comprehensive site services

  • Services for management of production materials (spares)

  • Auxiliary overhaul services

  • Site on-duty services in terms of vocational safety

  • Auxiliary services for operation of chemical systems

  • Tool management services (common and special tools)

  • Training support services

  • Documentation management services

  • Secretarial management services