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Capability of manufacturing zirconium materials

Updated: 2016-02-01 (cnnc.com.cn)

With regard to special nuclear fuel materials, capability of rolling and processing zirconium-alloy claddings has been built through joint ventures. Share ownership in Eastern Zirconium Industry Co and Western New Zirconium Nuclear Material Technology Co has resulted in a complete nuclear zirconium material industry chain linking R & D and trial and manufacture, providing zirconium sponges, alloys, tubings and strips. Zirconium alloy N36, subject to independent intellectual property rights, has passed the irradiation test within reactors. Materials with higher performances are under research and development.


Capability of uranium purification and conversion

One example of a successful application of independent and innovative technology in China is the research and development of significant production line equipment and techniques for construction of a technically advanced uranium purification and conversion plant, in the 10,000 tons class.

Uranium enrichment capability

Key uranium enrichment equipment has been successfully industrialized in China. The equipment and facilities necessary for all the production and operation processes have been developed. The uranium enrichment capability can satisfy domestic demands for nuclear fuel production.

Reprocessing capability

A pilot plant has been built for reprocessing of the spent fuel from power reactors in China. Hot commissioning has been performed successfully. This indicates that significant techniques related to spent fuel reprocessing, and design, construction and operation of corresponding plants, are available in China. That availability confirms technical security for a closed nuclear fuel cycle and sustainable development of nuclear power in China.

A nuclear fuel center in Asia

In addition to current industry demands, China Nuclear Fuel Co Ltd is focusing on development and application of more advanced, safer, and more environmentally friendly production techniques. The company will gradually emerge as a center for research, development, manufacture and supply of nuclear fuel in Asia, working together with nuclear power customers to create a new pattern of global energy supply that is low-carbon, safe and stable—a true clean energy.