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Complete uranium exploration, mining & milling System II

Updated: 2016-02-01 (cnnc.com.cn)

Uranium exploration capability

The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has an integrated capability of aerospace, aerial, and surface based exploration, with which it has made a number of advances in uranium exploration.

Innovative application of aerial survey & remote sensing technology

CNNC’s innovative application of remote sensing technology, especially high-resolution quantitative remote sensing, has enriched the technology of uranium exploration in China and made it a major asset in China’s nuclear industry.

Six uranium resource bases in North China, namely Yili, Turpan-Hami, Erdos, Eren, Bayin-Gobi and the Songliao basins, have all grown to the 10,000-ton-level.



New breakthroughs in deep prospecting & dead zone exploration in old southern uranium mines

In South China, CNNC conducted deep prospecting and enlarged the exploration scope in the old uranium fields in Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces (or autonomous regions), which increased uranium production. 

Natural uranium technology

Upholding the tenet of “saving energy and protecting the environment”, CNNC plays an active role in promoting the construction of green mines. It has created a new landscape that embraces heap leaching, in-situ leaching and agitation leaching technologies together, making China one of the countries with the most complete technologies of uranium mining and milling.

In-situ leaching technology

The technology is mainly applied in exploiting sandstone-type uranium deposits, and features less investment in construction, lower production cost and higher eco-friendliness than conventional mining technologies. CNNC has successfully developed to a global advanced standard an eco-friendly in-situ leaching technology for sandstone-type uranium resources.

Heap leaching technology

This technology, one of the main uranium mining and milling technologies in China, is world-leading. It has successfully realized continuous and steady uranium production, tackled the problem of poor heap permeability and even heap block-up, shortened the leaching cycle and improved the recovery ratio.

Market development capability

Six extended areas

The Geological Mining Department of CNNC has fully tapped into six areas, i.e. mine construction, mining development and operation, geological exploration, biochemistry, environmental protection engineering and technical service, which involve, among other things, comprehensive prospecting, mine engineering contracting, gold/iron/beryllium/polymetallic mine operation and transfer of mineral rights, consulting and design for biochemical and environmental protection engineering, geological consulting and service, and pharmaceutical engineering design.