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Application of Nuclear Technologies

Updated: 2016-02-04 (cnnc.com.cn)

Radioactivity detection for the Beijing Olympic Games

Radioactivity detection for the Shanghai World Expo

High intensity proton cyclotron

CNNC has developed advantageous positions in the fields of isotope products, radiation processing products and service, and ray application instrumentation. It has cultivated a number of major high-tech enterprises and created remarkable benefits.

CNNC’s isotope products have a lion’s share of the domestic market, supplying 70 percent of radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive sources.

The explosive detection system developed by CNNC goes a long way to solving the global problem of explosive security inspection. It is one of the most advanced and practical explosive detection techniques in the world. It has been successfully applied to large public activities including the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, and the 60th Chinese National Day.

The self-shielded mail irradiation sterilization device can kill hazardous bacteria like bacillus anthraces, and has been applied to key national departments.

Co-60 production with HWR and large power irradiation accelerators has been industrialized. Key projects including nuclear power seawater desalination have made important progress.

The China Isotope Radiation Co Ltd (CIC) is the biggest nuclear technological enterprise inChinaintegrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is involved with preparation of isotopes, production of radiopharmaceuticals, preparation of radioactive sources, irradiation project and processing. The corporation owns about 50 various production lines and provides 70-plus nuclides and 300-plus products for a variety of clients.

CIC keeps in long-term close cooperation with worldwide nuclear medical research and development institutions and companies, actively introduces and communicates the latest radiopharmaceutical technology and products, and meets the demand of nuclear medical development.

Nuclear pharmaceutical centers have been built in about 20 cities, and the network of radiopharmaceutical sales and technical services covers the country.