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Building up a world-leading nuclear power base

Updated: 2016-02-04 (cnnc.com.cn)

Nuclear power technology is a core element of nuclear industry competition. Along with 60 years of technical development, China has a national nuclear strategic framework for scientific research and engineering, and a pattern of combining military and civilian applications.

Industrial resources will be effectively concentrated in the future. These overall advantages will enable China to exploit both domestic and international markets and become a leading global nuclear power base.

Research and Development of Nuclear Power Technology – the cradle of Chinese nuclear power engineering

The Nuclear Power Institute of China is an exclusive comprehensive research base in China that focuses on research, design, testing, operations and small-scaled production of nuclear reactors.

A complete research and production framework that covers nuclear power engineering; supply of nuclear steam systems; research on reactor operations and applications, reactor engineering experiments, nuclear fuel and materials and isotope production; and nuclear technology applications has been established.

The Institute is a national strategic hi-tech organization combining military and civilian interests, and was reputed to be the cradle of Chinese nuclear power engineering by former vice-premier Wu Bangguo.


Nuclear power technology services

The exclusive research and service base with respect of nuclear power technology inChina

Wuhan Nuclear Power Operation Technology Co Ltd under the China National Nuclear Corporation is currently an exclusive research, support and service base for nuclear power operation technology in China.

It is the birthplace of the first nuclear steam generator inChinaand also the research base for Chinese nuclear steam generators. The company offers comprehensive technical support and service for safe nuclear power operations in all the nuclear power plants in the Chinese mainland.

Project contracting capability

The general contractor qualified for the full range of nuclear power and facility projects inChina

China Nuclear Power Project Co Ltd under the China National Nuclear Corporation is an exclusive project contractor with completely specialized facilities that focuses on nuclear power designs.

It is well experienced not only in design but also in equipment manufacturing and project construction and management. It is capable of independently designing and building nuclear power units at classes of 100mWe, 300mWe, 600mWe and 1000mWe.

Construction of foreign projects

The pioneer in foreign delivery of Chinese nuclear technology and nuclear power plants

The businesses of China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation include project contracting, import and export trade, technical services, labor cooperation and property management. Its activities have spread to more than 30 countries and regions in the world.

It was the pioneer of delivery of Chinese nuclear technology and nuclear power plants to the world. Since 1996 the company has been evaluated annually by the American authority Engineering News-Record as one of the top 225 project contractors in the world, with a steadily increasing ranking.