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Development of nuclear power I & C

Updated: 2016-02-04 (cnnc.com.cn)

Research and manufacturing of nuclear power I & C

CNNC China Nuclear Control System Engineering Co Ltd is an international specialized supplier that has a complete supply chain in the field of nuclear power I & C. It is the only reactor detector manufacturer inChinathat has a permit for design and manufacture of nuclear equipment and is well experienced in operating more than 30 reactors.

The company owns the largest domestic research & manufacturing base for nuclear radiation detectors and nuclear instruments and provides products and services to nuclear technology customers around the world.

Its products have been widely applied in domestic and foreign nuclear power plants, whether complete or under construction, as well as in the fields of nuclear chemical engineering, military engineering and environmental protection.

The company has a strong capability in research and manufacturing and rich engineering experience in the fields of nuclear power I & C and radiation monitoring.


Research and manufacturing of nuclear radiation monitors

The Xi’an Nuclear Instrument Factory, a large instrument manufacturer under the China National Nuclear Corporation, is the biggest manufacturer and integrator of nuclear radiation monitoring systems in China.

It was the first facility to research and manufacture automatic fire alarms inChina. It is the only professional manufacturer in China which can design and construct physical protection systems for nuclear power plants as well as relevant technical services.

Research and manufacturing of key valves for nuclear power

Suzhou Valve Technology Co Ltd under the China National Nuclear Corporation is the first State-owned public holding company within the framework of the China National Nuclear Corporation and in the Chinese valve industry.

The company has manufactured large vacuum valves and key valves on the AP1000 including the primary steam isolator valve, the burst valve, and the proportional spray valve.

Research and manufacturing of BOP

Xi’an Nuclear Equipment Co Ltd is a large specialized nuclear equipment manufacturer that falls within the sector of nuclear power utilities under the China National Nuclear Corporation. It has the technical strength and research and manufacturing capabilities to produce BOP equipment.