Pakistanis seek brighter future in CNNC overseas project

Updated: 2019-12-23

The Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan, the first overseas project using China's third-generation nuclear technology -- the Hualong Pressurized Reactor 1000 developed by China National Nuclear Corporation, or CNNC -- is a key joint project between China and Pakistan and a flagship project in the overseas promotion of China's nuclear power.

Many Pakistanis have participated in the Karachi nuclear power project since it was started in 2015, improving the lives of locals through their hard work.

Muhammad Danick is one of them -- serving as head of dispatching and the distribution group of China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company’s (CNI-HXCC) K2 and K3 nuclear power projects since 2016.

After he joined the project, Danick started learning hoisting and lifting and crane maintenance from Chinese colleagues, enhancing his working skills and management abilities.

Danick expressed his gratitude for the practical skills training, which he said has given Pakistani employees more potential to better serve their country.

Nowadays, Danick can not only undertake tasks independently, but also help other Pakistani employees to progress.

He is now responsible for translation and evaluations of monthly special training. Under his influence, the training has been successful in greatly improving other Pakistani staff in their equipment operation and operations safety.

When it came to the job and his Chinese colleagues, Danick says he has felt both love and hope. He said he believes that the power shortages in Pakistan will soon be alleviated and local peoples’ lives will be improved with the Karachi nuclear power station finished. He said Pakistan will have a brighter future, to which both he and his compatriots look forward.

Besides a better life that is now expected in Pakistan, more Pakistanis are furthering their understanding of China through the joint nuclear power project in Karachi.

Zeeshan, another Pakistani employee working as a safety officer for the K2 and K3 nuclear power projects, has been having a dream about China since he was employed by CNI-HXCC in October 2018.

Zeeshan said he has always been proactive in his career. On learning about an amateur Chinese studies class being run in his department, he took the initiative to attend the class.

After studying for nearly a year, Zeeshan can now  recite the safety regulations for the K2 and K3 nuclear power projects and CNI-HXCC in Chinese and use his knowledge to help other Pakistani employees.

Zeeshan said that each time a Chinese teacher talks about Chinese natural scenery and culture in class, he has been excited and he began to form a dream about China in his heart. He said that he wants go to and work in China someday.

Due to two countries' efforts in the joint project, the aspirations of the people in Pakistan are turning into reality and individuals in the two countries are contributing to China-Pakistan development.