Pakistani workers finish security training in China

Updated: 2019-12-30

Nine Pakistani security officers finished their training in China and went back to the K-2/K-3 unit of the Hualong One (HPR 1000) project initiated by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), in Karachi, Pakistan on Dec 16, according to CNNC officials. 

They said the officers were all excellent employees selected from various participating enterprises in the Hualong One project. 

Most of them are directly engaged in front-line safety management. Some have participated in the construction of the Chashma nuclear power project in Pakistan. 

CNNC officials said they also had a deep love for Chinese culture and the management concepts at CNNC. 

Some of them have pursued degrees in China, while others have studied Chinese specifically for their work, at local Confucius Institutes. 

"The safe running of the Karachi nuclear power plant for more than 2,000 days is inseparable from your efforts," a CNNC official told the Pakistani security officers.

"I hope you can learn more safety management methods and standardize your operations and make greater contributions to the safety management of the power plant." 

He also said he hoped that the ideas and concepts on safe production could spread to the nuclear energy industry in Pakistan by the nine officers, further strengthening the friendship between China and Pakistan.

Doctor Farooque Ali Bhutto, translator and director of the infirmary in Karachi nuclear power plant, studied Clinical Medicine in China and worked for CNNC after graduation. At the construction site, he not only manages the infirmary, but also serves as a medical translator. 

His infirmary provides services to nearly 20,000 patients annually. 

AliRaza is a translator and security officer at the Karachi nuclear power plant. “My family and I were all very happy to come to China for the training,” he said. He also wrote a letter in Chinese to send his gratitude to the CNNC officials. 

The Karachi K-2/K-3 project has trained more than 60,000 Pakistani workers. CNNC became the first Chinese-funded enterprise in Pakistan to equip all Pakistani workers with work clothes, which greatly improved their safety awareness, officials said. 

The company also launched a series of measures to create a special safety management model for overseas projects. 

It established a recruitment and registration system for Pakistani security officers, constructed the first overseas safety experience hall for Chinese companies and developed a trilingual version of the safety experience compilation. 

CNNC officials said the company has trained tens of thousands of highly skilled industrial workers for Pakistan over the past few years.


Nine Pakistani security officers listen attentively during the training given by CNNC officials. [Photo/CNNC]