CNNC headquarters [Photo by CNNC]

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is mainly engaged in research and development, construction, production and operation in the fields of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear applications, environmental protection and nuclear engineering, as well as international cooperation, imports and exports.

1. CNNC's Industrial landscape

Eight core businesses: advanced nuclear power, natural uranium, nuclear fuel, nuclear technology application, engineering projects, nuclear environmental protection, equipment manufacturing and financial investment.

Numerous market-oriented emerging businesses: nuclear industrial services, new energy, trading, healthcare and etc.

2. CNNC-holding public companies

China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd: 601985.SS

CNNC SUFA Technology Industry Co Ltd: 000777.SZ

China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation Limited: 601611.SS 

CNNC International Limited: 02302.HK

China Isotope & Radiation Corporation: 01763.HK

China Nuclear Energy Technology Corporation Limited: 00611.HK