China-made cobalt 60 gains international recognition

Updated: 2020-02-20


The China-made cobalt 60 will be sent to Thailand. [Photo/CNNC]

A ship carrying a cutting-edge China-made industrial radioactive source -- a 500,000-curie batch of CN-101 cobalt 60 -- was loaded at Shanghai Yangshan Port on Feb 15, on a significant commercial voyage, officials said.

According to reports from China Isotope & Radiation Corporation, or CIRC, a unit of China National Nuclear Corporation -- also known as CNNC -- the ship was bound for Thailand.

Experts said it marked the fact the the quality, technology, and services provided by CIRC’s cobalt source have gained international recognition -- and that China is contributing to the world's nuclear technology applications industry like never before.

CIRC is currently marketing its products to international users and suppliers, according to company officials.

Cobalt 60 is an isotope of cobalt and the radioactive source of cobalt 60 is widely used in agriculture, industry, medicine and other fields, they said. 

The CIRC radioactive source has multiple uses and great potential. It can be used for radiation breeding, stimulation of yield increases, radiation control of insect pests, food irradiation preservation, non-destructive inspection, radiation disinfection, radiation processing as well as in radiotherapy for cancer and tumor and other applications.

During the current novel coronavirus outbreak and moves to control it, the raw material being used in medical protective clothing irradiation sterilization devices is cobalt 60.