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    Australia calls on global industry to support federal inquiry


    Now is the time for the world's nuclear industry to help make the case for nuclear energy in Australia, Patrick Gibbons from the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) told World Nuclear Association Symposium 2019 in London today.

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    Nuclear power is the 'silent giant' being invited finally to speak


    The United Nations, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the World Energy Council (WEC) are drawing global attention to the inherent qualities of nuclear power as a clean and reliable source of electricity. Now into its seventh decade, nuclear energy is seen by these and other prominent organisations as an existing and proven solution to the 21st Century challenges of climate change and a sustainable energy transition.

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    China issues white paper on nuclear safety


    China's State Council Information Office has today issued a white paper outlining its approach to nuclear safety. The country, it says, has an effective nuclear safety system in place and is cooperating internationally to improve global nuclear safety.

  • US Department of Energy 'all in' on new nuclear, says deputy secretary


    The US Administration is committed to reviving and revitalising the nuclear industry and is leading by action, not just words, according to US Department of Energy (DOE) Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette.

  • Fortum develops high-definition VR simulator


    Finnish utility Fortum has developed the world's first fully dynamic and interactive virtual reality (VR) control room for training operators at its Loviisa nuclear power plant.

  • Switzerland commits to 2050 climate target


    The Swiss government has announced it will cut its greenhouse gas emissions to a net-zero level by 2050. According to Swiss government statistics, about 60% of Switzerland's electricity generation comes from renewable sources, most of it from hydro (56.6%). Nuclear contributes about 37.6% and about 2.5% comes from fossil fuels.

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