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    China-built nuclear project lauded in Pakistan


    The outer containment dome of the K2 unit at Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan was successfully installed on June 19, according to local news reports.

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    Pakistanis seek brighter future in CNNC overseas project


    Many Pakistanis have participated in the Karachi nuclear power project since it was started in 2015, improving the lives of locals through their hard work.

  • Liu Renpeng: story of dedication and innovation


    The digital standard maintenance platform -- independently developed and launched by Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in 2015 -- was recognized to be the first of its kind in China and a first-class innovation in the world in the 2018 China National Nuclear Corporation Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal.

  • An innovation success -- K2 / K3 project installs steel dome


    The crucial installation was declared a success on Jun 17 of the steel dome of the outer containment shell in the No 2 reactor building of the K2 / K3 project in Karachi, Pakistan, being built by China National Nuclear Corporation.

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    CNNC researchers enable nuclear tech to go global


    China's third-generation nuclear technology -- the Hualong Pressurized Reactor 1000, which is also known as HPR 1000 -- is one major representative of the global brand of China's high-end manufacturing industry, according to industry officials.

  • Liu Jiazhi, a designer of China's first Hualong One nuclear project


    “Quality and safety are at the heart of design in any engineering project, so the designer should take responsibility for these aspects”, said Liu Jiazhi, a designer for China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).