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China Institute of Radiation Protection

Updated: 2016-02-02 (cnnc.com.cn)

Technical innovations result in a strong nuclear strength to make a powerful country

The exclusive radiation protection research and application institution in China

The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has established a complete framework for radiation protection management and technical support, strictly following the national radiation protection laws, regulations and standards. The corresponding management has been intensified. Occupational exposure meets national requirements to ensure the health of employees.

The China Institute of Radiation Protection is the exclusive integrated research organization in China engaged in radiation protection research and application.

The institute is involved in research, application and productive operation covering radiation protection, nuclear emergencies and nuclear safety, radio medicine and environmental medicine, nuclear environment science, three categories of radioactive waste disposal and nuclear facility decommissioning, irradiation technology, environment protection technology, nuclear electronic information technology, biological materials, vocational disease diagnosis and treatment technology.

It provides national departments with technical support in terms of radiation protection and nuclear safety management.


Subject features

Radiation protection

The China Institute of Radiation Protection carries out radiation protection research in terms of individual dose monitoring and evaluation, radiation monitoring technology investigation, development of monitoring instruments or systems, development of individual/collective protection equipment, robots and remote-controlled devices, calibration and tests of radiation protection monitoring instruments, biological effects of radiation, and treatment of radiation injury.

Research of nuclear emergency technology

The China Institute of Radiation Protection is a supporting institute of the national nuclear emergency radiation protection support center and rescue team. It carries out research in terms of emergency planning and relevant foundational techniques, accident consequence evaluation and prediction, emergency surveillance, emergency personnel protection, and medical aids and rescue devices at site.

The China Institute of Radiation Protection is one of the earliest organizations in China to be engaged in research of safety technology for radioactive materials transportation. It leads domestically in evaluation of safe transportation of radioactive materials and is capable of performing safety verification and testing on packages.

Radioactive waste disposal

The China Institute of Radiation Protection is noted for and expert in safety evaluation of radioactive waste incineration and radioactive waste disposal, nuclear facility decommissioning and decontamination, and remedy of contaminated sites.

Nuclear environment simulation and evaluation

The China Institute of Radiation Protection leads domestically in the technology of and research into nuclear environment simulation and evaluation. It can carry out experimental and numerical simulations in terms of atmospheric wind tunnels, surface water, underground water and radioecology as well as nuclear environment measurement analysis.