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Corporate Culture

Updated: 2019-03-22


Develop the nuclear industry, strengthen the country and bring welfare to humanity


To be a leader of the international nuclear technology

Core values:

Responsibility, safety, innovation, coordination, and collaboration 

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CNNC will be committed to fulfilling its political, economic, and social responsibilities, and strives to contribute its share to the welfare of the country and international community.

CNNC will be responsible for its clients, and will strive to create the maximized values for them;

CNNC pursues the growth of its employees and enterprises, striving to deliver its staff’s desire for a better life.


CNNC strictly observes the Nuclear Safety Law of China, and follows the nuclear safety concept of “rationality, coordination, and progress.” CNNC insists that safety comes first, and will continue to work hard on improving the safety production systems with the aim of integrating the culture of nuclear safety into every chain of production.

CNNC strictly observes the related rules and regulations, clarifies safety responsibilities, and attaches importance to recognizing and eliminating potential dangers, as well as improving its staff’s capabilities for preventing potential hazards to achieve the goal of intrinsic safety.

CNNC strives to and is capable of providing safe and reliable products and services for its clients, creating a safe and healthy environment for its staff, and a safe and harmonious environment for society.


CNNC remains highly passionate and innovation-driven, while working with the aim for searching for and meeting even more challenging goals.

CNNC works to build a favorable environment that includes opening itself to new ideas and a goal of spurring innovation by improving its innovation mechanism and encouraging innovation.

CNNC attaches great importance to innovation in basic research, and actively engages itself in exploring the core nuclear technology.

CNNC works to transform innovative technical findings into actual production. 

Coordination and collaboration

CNNC highlights close coordination and collaboration between institutes, industrial chains, and departments. CNNC insists that the interests of the collective supersede that of the individual.

Company spirit: The spirit of “two bombs and one satellite," as well as the spirit of nuclear industry

The spirit of “two bombs and one satellite”

Patriotism and selfless dedication

Self-reliance and arduous struggle

Vigorously collaborate, and dream big

The spirit of the nuclear industry

Cause and responsibility are above everything else

Rigorousness care should be integrated into everything

Courage and determination makes everything happen

Business philosophy: Customer-oriented

Talent philosophy: Talent-oriented

Safety philosophy: Safety is the lifeline of the nuclear industry

Environmental philosophy: Respect nature and green development

Quality philosophy: Quality creates values, and quality makes a brand

Moral philosophy: Pursue moral integrity and never cross the bottom line of disciplines