Chinese nuclear giant’s nuclear science week gets off to a start

(cnnc.com.cn) | Updated: 2015-07-31
2015-07-31 (cnnc.com.cn)

There was an opening ceremony for the China Nuclear Engineering Corp’s nuclear science week and the third national middle-school student nuclear summer camp, on July 27, in Fuqing, Fujian province, which is the starting point of China’s historical maritime Silk Road and the location of a pilot nuclear power plant the “HPR1000”.

This is the first time for the company to hold a communication program such as this for the public and it will involve four tour routes for the participants including journalists, civil servants, students, online opinion leaders and local people. It will have various activities such as a quiz, some exploring, a talk with experts face-to-face, and themed exhibitions available to the public to promote nuclear education and increase public awareness.

Some people say that the public’s acceptance has had a great influence on nuclear energy development, and that these such events help people understand the nuclear company’s operations and management, as well as nuclear safety, and recognize the professionals who work in it every day.

At same time, certain of the company’s units have invited the participants to ask questions about nuclear safety, ways to prevent nuclear accidents, nuclear industrial development and innovation and technology in the industry.

In addition, the company organized a volunteer group consisting of young employees to teach classes on nuclear science, to inject some vitality into the lives of middle-school students during their summer vacation.