China’s self-made depleted uranium flywheel unveiled

(cnnc.com.cn) | Updated: 2016-02-19
2016-02-19 (cnnc.com.cn)

The first domestic CAP1400 nuclear power depleted uranium flywheel for primary shield pumps with independent intellectual property rights was assembled on Feb 2, which expands depleted uranium’s application in the nuclear power industry.

China North Nuclear Fuel Co Ltd used depleted uranium material in primary pump flywheel manufacturing for the first time after overcoming technological problems in material selection, melting and casting, heat treating, machining and assembling.

The shield pump is a key component in the security of a nuclear power station; the structure and weight of the flywheel directly affects the shield pump’s moment of inertia. The research achievement in flywheel manufacture has improved the security and reliability of nuclear power stations.

China North Nuclear Fuel Co Ltd, a backbone member company of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), developed the depleted uranium flywheel through a two-year research project.