Zhu Ji: Promoting a 'road-rail-sea' transportation system for spent fuel

(cnnc.com.cn) | Updated: 2016-03-09
2016-03-09 (cnnc.com.cn)

Zhu Ji, deputy to the National People’s Congress, president of China National Nuclear Co (CNNC)’s Lanzhou Uranium Enrichment limited company, gave media interviews at the "Two Sessions" on his proposal to construct a “road-rail-sea” transportation system for spent fuel.

He noted that as the nuclear power industry is developing quickly, nuclear fuel circulation and aftertreatment should be given close attention. He said that the existing road transportation system is unsustainable and a multi-component one is urgently needed to fill the gap.

The “road-rail-sea” transportation system is a solution widely favored by the nuclear industry. It refers to merging short distance transportation by road with sea travel to move the spent fuel to a transshipment port, and then relying mainly on rail and with the help of road to transport it to a central repository for storage.