Steel lining modularization of HPR1000 project finishes

Updated: 2016-09-27

The HPR1000 pilot nuclear power project in Fuqing, Fujian province passed another milestone on Sept 22 after the third and final steel-lined module of the unit six containment building was successfully hoisted into position.

The containment building will house the HPR1000 reactor, China’s first self-developed third-generation nuclear reactor, which is being deployed for the first time in units five and six of the Fuqing project.

Thanks to the advanced construction technology and hard work of the staff on the project, the module was installed 19 days ahead of schedule, four months after the first module was installed in May.

Hoisting the steel-lined modules has not only reduced the project’s construction time, but will also strengthen the containment building by preventing the steel structure and the outer concrete dome from destabilizing one another.

Construction will now begin on the containment dome of unit six.