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WANO completes technical support mission at Leningrad II-2

Updated: 2019-08-16

Experts from the Moscow Centre of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) have completed a technical support mission at unit 2 of the Leningrad Phase II nuclear power plant under construction in northwest Russia.


The WANO Technical Support Mission team with Leningrad II personnel (Image: Rosatom)

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom said yesterday that WANO had monitored the various modes of operation of the VVER-1200 unit on a full-scale simulator, analysed the design and technological documentation, and conducted interviews with operator personnel.

Alexey Tararin, deputy chief engineer at Leningrad II, said: "Each new unit must pass several inspections, the results of which assess the level of its readiness for commissioning. The final pre-launch peer check takes place on the eve of the physical start-up of the unit.

"In order to evaluate the readiness of our power unit for this event, we invited international and Russian experts. They will give us their recommendations on administration, operation, fire safety, staff training and the use of operating experience based on world practice. For us, this is a very important and responsible work that will allow us to carry out serious preparations for a key event - the physical launch of the power unit."

Andrei Nosov, programme manager at WANO, added: "The technical support mission is an assessment of the operational readiness of the power unit. In order to prepare the new unit for safe operation and for pre-launch partner verification, which will be held in 2020, the Leningrad NPP has identified five areas in which the experts have made their proposals today. The final document of our expert group will be a report according to which the Leningrad NPP will have to meet a set of recommendations. The main task of the experts of the technical support mission is to offer their recommendations on how to improve a particular area, and thereby help their colleagues."

The company statement did not provide details on the five areas and recommendations.

Leningrad II unit 1 was connected to the grid on 9 March 2018, becoming the second VVER-1200 reactor to start up, following the launch in 2016 of Novovoronezh unit 6. Concreting of the inner containment structure of unit 2 was completed in February.

The existing Leningrad plant site in Sosnovy Bor has four RBMK-1000 units, while Leningrad II will have four VVER-1200 units. Leningrad unit 1 was shut down for decommissioning on 21 December last year.