Mass production starts on fuel assemblies for China’s large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor

Updated: 2019-09-23


China has started mass production on fuel assemblies for its first self-developed large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor for commercial use.

Four CF3 fuel assemblies were tested on the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant on Sept 20.

Previously, eight CF3 fuel assemblies were used on the Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Plant, and another eight CF3 fuel assemblies are expected to be used on the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant at the end of this year.

A fuel assembly is the core of a nuclear reactor, and the CF3 fuel assembly is a brand of advanced nuclear fuel elements independently developed by CNNC.

CNNC now has all the necessary technology to develop high-performance nuclear fuel, and its independent fuel system and sufficient product supply capacity give it international market competitiveness.

The multiple power plant irradiation model allows CF3 fuel assemblies to be widely used, which is necessary for saving money on product research.

CF3 fuel assemblies meet third-generation nuclear power standards, perform well, and have proprietary intellectual property rights. 

The assemblies can be used for long-cycle refueling and are suitable for the Hualong One nuclear project and the Yanlong low temperature heating reactor.

CF3 fuel assemblies have helped China independently develop third-generation nuclear power, apply nuclear power on a large scale domestically, and expand its nuclear power industry into international markets. CF3 fuel assemblies are also extremely important to China’s energy supply.