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Nuclear power

CNNC is anticipated to have 21 units in operation and 6 units under construction by the end of 2019, which have generated 121.1 billion kilowatt hours in 2018 with paramount operating performance.

4 of these units have been rewarded as perfect score of WANO 2018 comprehensive index -- Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1&2, Qinshan Phase II Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4, and Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2.


Nuclear power operations and management

CNNC is operating and managing the most diverse array of nuclear power units in the world. Eight management service product portfolio developed by CNNC ensure the safe and sound performance of nuclear power units.

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[Photo by CNNC]


The eight products are:

preparation, commissioning/ test run, refueling outage, special maintenance, professional training, technological support, support for heavy water reactor, and the development and operation of information systems.


The NPP fleet of CNNC:

(1) Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, the first nuclear power plant completely designed and built by China, known as "the glory of China".

(2) Qinshan II Nuclear Power Plant is China's first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant fully designed, built, operated, and managed by China.

(3) Qinshan III Nuclear Power Plant is China's first heavy water reactor with project management system that conforms with international standards.

(4) Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant is China's first nuclear power plant with a full-fledge digital I&C system.

(5) Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant is the pilot project of AP1000.

(6) Unit 5 of the Fujian Nuclear Power Plant is the pilot project of HPR1000, China's self-developed third-generation nuclear power technology. CNNC has four HPR1000 units under construction globally, all built as schedule and without any delays as the rest G-III pressurized water reactors are confronting with.l l

(7) Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant is the first energy project in Hainan province.

(8) The Shidaowan Nuclear Power Demonstration Project is a G-IV high-temperature gas-cooled reactor fostered by CNNC and Tsinghua University.