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Nuclear fuel

(1) Chart for the nuclear fuel supply capacity of CNNC


[Photo by CNNC]

(2) CNNC has completed the demonstration project for a new-generation uranium enrichment centrifugal machine.


[Photo by CNNC]

(3) CNNC has successfully developed CF3 fuel assemblies, which ushered Chinese nuclear fuel fabrication into a new era.

(4) CNNC has begun mass production of nuclear fuel element for high temperature gas-cooled reactor.

(5) The first AP1000 nuclear fuel element production line of CNNC successfully produced the first batch of 64 refueling assemblies, with full conformation to technical requirement.


[Photo by CNNC]

(6) CNNC's integrated uranium purification & conversion technology has achieved industrial application, a 10,000-ton uranium conversion center has been established.

(7) CNNC achieved mass production of nuclear-grade zirconium alloy materials N36, and the first batch of material has passes inspection and acceptance.


[Photo by CNNC]

(8) CNNC has completed the zero-power physical test for annular fuel assemblies, which is the first in the world.


[Photo by CNNC]