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Environmental protection


(1) CNNC has constructed a radiochemical experiment facility for nuclear fuel reprocessing.

(2) Nuclear waste is transported through a cementation drum.

(3) CNNC has mastered pyrolytic incineration treatment of low-level organic liquid waste.

(4) The pyrolytic incineration project has been put into operation.

(5) CNNC has developed testing apparatus for the incineration of combustible radioactive waste.

(6) CNNC has developed spent fuel shipping flasks and an improved highway-railway transport system to ship spent fuels.

(7) Professional practices of spent fuel loading for nuclear power plants.

(8) CNNC has nuclear-grade air filter and radioactive air treatment equipment.

(9) CNNC has nuclear-grade air conditioning units.

(10) CNNC has built several sites for disposing intermediate and low-level radioactive waste.